Hw #2 - Medical Ethics: Hw #2: Animal Experimentation...

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Medical Ethics: Hw #2: Animal Experimentation Animal experimentation has always been a subject of great controversy. Critics assert that since animals do not have their own voices, we need to be benevolent and argue on their behalves. Advocates for animal experimentation insist that if animal testing were stopped, it would then be imposed upon human beings, and they would then be subjected to unreasonable risk. Of course, stopping all animal testing would be imprudent. We do need to consider, though, whether the benefits to the research outweigh the consequences. In his essay titled “The Responsible Use of Animals in Biomedical Research,” Edwin Converse Hettinger addresses the question of whether or not utilitarianism justifies animal experimentation. He makes his point against Cohen, who argues for the case of using animals and bases his argument on the claim that animals, by the virtue of not being human, have no rights. Hettinger states, “Utilitarians who oppose animal experimentation do so not on the grounds that animal rights are violated but because they think that the overall good resulting from these experiments is not sufficient to justify their consequences.” He also argues that Cohen is being absurd by suggesting that believing that animals should have equal moral standing means that animals should be treated like humans and that there are no fundamental differences between animals and humans. He explains that if a situation were to cause the same amount of pain in both
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Hw #2 - Medical Ethics: Hw #2: Animal Experimentation...

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