POLI4042notes - 1-17Advocates believe International...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-17Advocates believe International Organizations exist in the world as a means to promote global governance. Strengthens sovereignty. Global Governance idea that rules standards and regulations made by I.O. to help promote orderliness (stability) on international scene. Critics believe that I.O. exists as global governments: replacing existing nation states and government with new global entity. Some creeping signs in global government into the European Union. Supranational idea one has powers over nation states in the organization. E.U. trying to have constitution that will apply to all countries in Europe. New President of E.U. 6 Month period Angela Merkel, Germany leader. European Parliament, would like to see passage of constitution passage by 2009, the E.U. will be a failure.E.U. added two new countries Bulgaria and Romania, 27. U.N. 187 members. I.O. have become indispensable for the nation state ( Today's) System.I.O. are important to nation states just like congress is important to politicians.Or the NFL being important to the Saints, or SEC important to the Tigers. I.O. play important roles because the affect the life of nation states, they can have impact on individuals provide a pulse on world politics at any given times. Economist Magazine; A chance for a safer world. (don't like I.O.) U.N. is the way to make the world safer. I.O. are somewhat coming irrelevantHeinbecker and Goff the U.N. in the 21st Century. Irrelevant or Indispensable? Argue that I.O.'s were forged in the fire of experience. Most I.O.'s are forged out of warfare. I.O. can been seen as crisis response entities. Cooperation furthering Instruments. Fire Departments but when something happens their crisis response. SovereigntyUltimate decision making power, serves as an obstacle to the success to the International Organization. 1-19-07 Friday Domestic Context effects International Organization. Such as Iran is loosing support for nuclear program. The Economist Argues That it will be a mistake to give up on the U.N.This could be a good time for the big powers to work more closely together. The U.N. is the best way to work closer together.The U.N. is doing a better job today than most people thing, but that does not mean that it is perfect. The disorder that we face in today's world is not because of big power conflict, and the U.N. has a chance to be successful....
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POLI4042notes - 1-17Advocates believe International...

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