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Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements - Revised From my experiences as a...

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Thesis Statements Combiths A thesis should introduce your narrowed topic, revealing what your essay is about and state the point you will make about that topic. Your thesis statement can also preview the organization of your essay. Guidelines to writing an effective thesis statement: 1. Make an assertion . An assertion states an idea that the remainder of the essay explains or supports. Unlike a fact, which is a statement of information, an assertion takes a position, expresses a viewpoint, or suggests your slant or angle on the narrowed topic. Lacks an assertion: Hollywood movies, like Pearl Harbor and A Beautiful Mind , are frequently based on true stories. Revised: Hollywood movies, like Pearl Harbor , and A Beautiful Mind , manipulate true stories to cater to the tastes of the audience. 2. Be specific and provide enough detail . Try to provide as much information as possible about your main point. Too general: I learned a great deal from my experiences as a teenage parent.
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Unformatted text preview: Revised: From my experiences as a teenage parent, I learned to accept responsibility for my own life and for that of my son. 3. Focus on one central point . Limit your essay to stating and explaining one major idea. Focuses on Several Points: This college should improve its tutoring services, sponsor more activities of interest to Latino students, and speed up the registration process for students. Revised: To better represent the student population it serves, this college should sponsor more activities of interest to Latino students. 4. Offer an original perspective on your narrowed topic . If your thesis seems dull or ordinary, it probably needs more work. Search for an interesting angle on or a fresh insight about your narrowed topic by prewriting – clustering, free-writing, etc. Too Ordinary: Many traffic accidents are a result of carelessness. Revised: When a driver has an accident, it can change his or her entire approach to driving....
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