Paragraphs Exercise on Coherence and Unity

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Exercise in Making Paragraphs Coherent and Unified I. Writing Coherent Paragraphs Number the following sentences (1-8) to arrange them into a coherent paragraph. Consider the devices that create coherence: topic sentences, organizing patterns, repeated key words, transitions, pronouns, and “old business, new business” pattern. a. _____It is a way of life rarely found in the United States. b. _____The reason for these differences, according to a Belgian worker, is that “for us in Europe, vacations of five or six weeks are a social obligation.” c. _____By contrase, the average German, French, or British worker works between 1,5000 and 1,700 hours per year, and the average Norwegian works less than 1,400 hours, a mere 27 hours a week. d. ____Europeans refer to their short work weeks and lengthy vacations as the dolce far niente [literally, the “sweet do nothing” ] culture. e. ____What he means is that European governments feel obliged to provide jobs for as many citizens as possible. f.
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