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IUPAC HETEROCYCLIC NOMENCLATURE - ete ole ine perhydroazine...

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IUPAC HETEROCYCLIC NOMENCLATURE Taken from Nomenclature of Organic Compounds , Sections A-F, H; Pergamon Press, 1979. Ring Size 3 4 5 6 Heteroatom Prefix Suffix Saturated O Ox irane etane olane ane N Az iridine etidine olidine * Partially Unsaturated O Ox --- etene ** olene ** in *** N Az --- etine ** oline ** ine *** Fully Unsaturated (max. number of conjugated double bonds) O Ox irene ete ole in *** N Az irine
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Unformatted text preview: ete ole ine * perhydroazine ** numbers used to indicate position of double bond *** positions of saturation are indicated by a number followed by H, e.g., 3H,4H ---- suffix. It is customary to give the indicated positions the lowest number. N 3H,4H-azine O 4H-oxin N 2H,3H-azine O 2H-oxin 3-oxolene O...
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