Deviance in Society

Deviance in Society - - Influenced by other people in a...

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Deviance in Society  13/11/2007 15:07:00 Individual deviance  – minimum 1, can be more than one. Needs to be able to  be accomplished by 1 person Deviant exchange  – minimum 2 people, all of those people would be defined in  deviance, engaged in a cooperate activity, something they all stand to gain from  Deviant explotation  – requires 2 people min, these people are not mutally  cooperating with eachother, victim and offender Ex: peeping toms, exabitionism  Individual Deviance : to yourself, for yourself, by yourself and on yourself.  Has mutual association, can belong to a deviant subculture. No partys no victims Ex: sexual exfixia, drug use, suicide, self injury, eating disorders, dwarfism,  homelessness, give yourself as an abortion 
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Unformatted text preview: - Influenced by other people in a vartiey of ways other people may affect the likelihood that you will do it, you may learn it from other people, do it in response to other people/ response against others, require beliefs from others, shaped by your socialization ex: Loner Deviance has no mutual association, can have victims. ABCS of Deviance Attitudinal: a systematic set of beliefs, variety of different types of attitudinal deviance religious, political, mental illness Behavioral: Conditional: Appearance, physical part of you. Status position or role in society 13/11/2007 15:07:00 13/11/2007 15:07:00...
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Deviance in Society - - Influenced by other people in a...

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