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BI 103 3 - Fractures • Simple and Compound • Bone...

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BI 103 3 – Skeletal System 15:57 Structures and Functions     206 Bones Functions: Support, Protection, Movement, Mineral Storage, Source of Blood  Cells Connective Tissue o Calcium Spongy and Compact bones o Bone Marrow Cavities (making blood cells) Bone Cells o Osteoblasts: Build bone o Osteoclasts: break down bone o Some osteoblasts cement themselves inside the bone Osteocyte Bone Development o Cartilage (found between bones) o Ossification: cartilage turns into bone (pg. 74) Skeletal Disorders
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Unformatted text preview: Fractures • Simple and Compound • Bone Repair o Blood Clot, Callus (cartilage), Spongy Bone, Compact Bone • Joint: point of attachment between bones (pg 78-79) • Arthritis: disease of the joints o Rheumatoid Arthritis (Inflammation) o Osteoarthritis (loss of cartilage) o Osteoporosis (reduced bone density) Recent Research Bone density can decrease over time Repeated force increases bone density o Weight bearing and resitance 15:57 15:57...
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