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Religion - So the beliefs of the community would grow...

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“What I Think of Religion and the Way the World Is” I still classify my self as a Christian whenever I have to but this class has definitely opened my eyes more to world. Like so many other people I am like this because that is the only people have been around my whole life. I can’t even think of a time where I have been around people of a religion other then Christianity before I came to OSU. Since I have come to OSU and taken this class opened my eyes have definitely more opened to the differences in the world, coming from a primary Caucasian Christian community. I think there are so many different religions in the world because of the isolation of different cultures from each other. Only in the past hundred years has it been become feasible for cultures to intertwine. In other words what I’m trying to say is most people used to live out there entire lives in there small community.
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Unformatted text preview: So the beliefs of the community would grow separate from other cultures. So over thousands and thousands of years each culture from isolation from each other grew independently into there own distinct versions. This class has made me lean towards and understand Houston Smith’s perennial philosophy. It has really forced me to think about and analyze religions with more knowledge about them. The main reason for violence in the world today is peoples need to belong. What I mean by this is people have to feel like they belong to something. Any similarities (race, beliefs, etc) give people a reason to group together and get that feeling of belonging. Then to protect this feeling of belonging people will always defend and oppress any threat to the similarity of the group. This is apparent in all the long term wars in the world today (blacks vs. whites, The Crusades, etc)....
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