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Kitchen Debate - Joseph Stalin helped start a great change...

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Joseph Stalin helped start a great change in the Soviet Union by having the economy move towards an industrial society as opposed to the agriculturally dominated society it once was. He enacted the first 5-year plan in 1928, which made the Soviet Union become more industrialized. It was Stalin’s plan for the Soviet Union to catch up with other industrialized nations in order to not fall so far behind that the Soviet Union became obsolete in the world’s economy. Due to the great success of the first 5-year plan the overall welfare of the economy improved. Each subsequent 5-year plan, tried to strive for Marx’s theory of reproduction in order to create a more powerful industrialized economy. It was the implementation of these 5-year plans that tried to make sure the producer goods sector stayed ahead of the consumer goods sector in order to continue growth in the economy. After Stalin, in the 1950’s, Nikita Khrushchev took over as Prime Minister of the Soviet Union.
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