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e2p2 - 3 Three point masses are joined by massless rods as...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. Three point masses are joined by massless rods, as shown. The 2.91] kg mass is at the origin, the lufltl kg mass is 20.0 cm from the origin at 30”, and the 1% kgmass is 30.1) cm from the origin at 45“. Find the location of the center of mass of the system of Hires- “13.5535. 1.0% f a,“ =_ (prpgmg all-{33 {24,351,} are: ia)(l753m)+ {9% . m) #3 23¢? 6 £5 ANSWER: ELK? t g, 3304M 4. For the system of three masses in the previous problem, find the moment of inertia about the yams. 12‘5”}: [1‘2 I HM :5: = Z'Wflfi‘figfiwk ML hi; Mfiffl 535.“ Ma, maxim =§./7,?m’ 4;,“ 21a, {31:0 F» 213, o}: 21.2“... aotzxzm :7I': (“1)1'i73”)1* (345%. 2’2”) I assume: (Cl/55’ 43w: 5. A record with moment of inertia L45 >< 1U": kg -m2, which is not rotating, drops (into a record player turntable with moment of inertia 4.00x1fl'zkg +m2 that is rotating at 33%rpm . Find the rotational speed {in rpm) after friction has brought them to the same speed. (Ignore all extemai torques.) Wyatt“ ail onjuhw flflmfiibfi): £614); =? In); : 14:01 at“ m = no; = axis-mores, :0 L02 : ‘% 14am»? :3/333‘ new) alarms: £3- oNSWER: flagra— ...
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