University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics (11th Edition)

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16.66: (See also Problems 16.70 and 16.74). Let MHz 00 . 2 0 = f be the frequency of the generated wave. The frequency with which the heart wall receives this wave is , 0 H H f f v v v + = and this is also the frequency with which the heart wall re-emits the wave. The detected frequency of this reflected wave is , , H H f f v v v - with the minus sign indicating that the heart wall, acting now as a source of waves, is moving toward the receiver. Combining, , 0 H H f f v v v v
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Unformatted text preview: -+ ′ and the beat frequency is . 2 1 H H H H beat f v v v f v v v v f f f-= --+ =-′ = Solving for , H v + × = + = Hz) (85 Hz) 10 2(2.00 Hz 85 ) m 1500 ( 2 6 beat beat H s f f f v v s. m 10 19 . 3 2-× = Note that in the denominator in the final calculation, beat f is negligible compared to . f...
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