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info access - We created a table that sorts the movies...

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Brittany and Janel Stedtler INFO 224 Professor Burns Access Movie Database Information For our project, we did an Access Database of approximately 300 movies . For each film we listed it’s title, the year released, its MPAA rating, the genre, whether the movie is Widescreen or Fullscreen, if it’s a special edition, how many discs it has, the studio that released it, and if someone is borrowing it . We made the database for our friend, because he is always lending his movies to friends . Since he has so many movies, he loses track of which ones he lent to people and who has which movie . We thought that creating this database would be a perfect way to keep track of all of the films to ensure that he would never lose one . By including all of the information about the movies in the database, we have created an effective way for people to find a movie to borrow, as well as an easy way for my friend to see what movies he is missing .
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Unformatted text preview: We created a table that sorts the movies first by genre, so that interested people can easily find a movie they might be interested in, then by rating, and finally alphabetically by title . All of the information that is included is a great way to find the right movie for anyone interested . My friend is also very happy that I created this for him since he now has an easy way to keep track of what movies are missing . He just has to click a box when someone borrows one, and unclick it when the movie is returned . This database has taught us how useful Access can be . We have learned how easy it is to sort by category, and how organized it can make an individual or group . We created this database to help out an individual who had a need for it, but was not making any financial gain off of it . The skills we learned from doing this project can help us in the business world if we ever need to be very organized ....
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info access - We created a table that sorts the movies...

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