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Brittany Stedtler Fundamentals of International Business Closing Case Chapter 18 2. How would you characterize the approach to staffing used at Molex? Is this appropriate given its strategy? The approach that Molex uses regarding it’s staffing is the geocentric policy. The geocentric policy uses the best people for the job, regardless of nationality. Molex uses the global standardization strategy, which works very well with the geocentric policy. 61 percent of the company’s revenues are generated from outside the United States. Companies, such as this that has a broad geographic scope often work best with the geocentric policy. The products at Molex are fairly standardized and sold globally, which would characterize the company as having a global standardization strategy. This strategy works best with a geocentric policy, which the company utilizes. They hire people from all over the world to work for them. Molex often uses HRM professionals from the host- country to prevent cultural myopia, which is more of a polycentric approach, but they do
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