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Situation Summary/State of the Business The International RainGear® Company has been making jackets, umbrellas, and boots since the year 1930, and has been a worldwide leader in this fare ever since. As a company that is ahead of the times, it is constantly advancing their product lines with the latest technology available and creating new products to fit their target markets. The International RainGear® Company has been able to sell their products internationally, but the bulk of their sales (over 60%) and profit (40%) has been from the United States. The International RainGear® Company is not only an innovator in their products, but also in their ability to segment their market, and target them accordingly. The four main targets the International RainGear® Company attempts to cover include families with children ages 3-13, adults 65 years of age and older, adults 25-45 years old, and professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. The International RainGear® Company has been hit in recent years in their boot and jacket categories because of private labels brands that are able to offer lower prices. The umbrella market has been able to prevail accordingly due to the little competition and low innovation in that market. International businesses have become a rival to the International RainGear® Company, taking their new developments, reproducing them, but at a cheaper rate. The International RainGear® Company has found it very tough to keep up with the ever-changing technological world, but they are aware that they must try to keep up with the times in order to create groundbreaking products. The jacket line has been around for a while and for the first time, experiencing some very hard competition from the cheaper jacket lines from other companies and manufacturers. The Jacket line team has been trying to modify their products, including a jacket that “does not get wet” created by using a dry ice technology. These jackets are expected to sell for 100-150 dollars. The jackets currently have a sale of about 900,000 jackets per year in the United States alone, but the company wants to have a larger sales volume increase. The International RainGear® Company has been around for a long period of time, and is planning on staying there. The marketing plans created around the boot, jacket, and umbrella lines will allow the company to once again reach the top of their three markets. SWOT Analysis Strengths : The company is continually advancing raingear material and other chemical technologies and participates in innovative technological research. This has benefited the company; they have come up with a new dry ice technology that has produced a jacket that will always stay dry. Our innovative technological research has also allowed us to come up with new, never before seen products to put on the market. The IRC’s boot product sells the most in terms of volume and is the market leader worldwide. The company has also been around since the 1930’s, which makes it a more well-known,
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Marketing Presentation - Situation Summary/State of the...

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