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Brittany Stedtler Business Law I Professor LaManna Experiential Component On September 25 , 2007 I visited the Middlesex County Court House, which is located in New Brunswick , New Jersey . I was able to watch a very interesting criminal case . It was the County of Middlesex v . Franklin Douglas Williams . I decided to go to a county court instead of a municipal court because I thought I might have the opportunity to see some more interesting cases . This case lasted quite a while , so I did not have to sit through numerous , boring cases that would most likely have just involved minor traffic offenses . It was especially interesting to be able to go with my sister to view the case because we were able to comment on what was going on in the courtroom and attempt to help each other understand what was happening . The case involved a man , Franklin Douglas Williams, who was charged with possession of a controlled substance (that was not 35 grams or less of marijuana . ) The Honorable Judge Travis L . Francis was presiding over the case . A bailiff was also present , as well as a prosecutor, the defendant, and the judge . I did not notice if a stenographer was present . What I gathered from the proceedings was that a preliminary hearing was held about a week prior to my visit to the courthouse . Franklin Williams had had a warrant out for his arrest since late 2004 , and it was finally served in August of this year . His
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blaw experiential - Brittany Stedtler Business Law I...

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