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Quasi contracts are contracts- false Implied in fact contracts and implied in law contracts are essentially the same- false The effect of an implied contract isn’t the same as the effect of an express contract- false When a contracts fully performed by one party, its called a unilateral contract- false A contract never can be both executory and unilateral- false An offer gives the offeror the power to bind the offeree by contract- false Defamation consisting of the publication or communication of false, spoken word is termed : slander Statements in an employee handbook: may be interpreted as being part of the employment contract An offer that’s indefinate may be clarified by reference to another writing thru: Arthur made a bid at an auction by calling ou t he amount 250. The auctioneer noted arthur’s bid. There were no higher bids, and Arthur called out that he was withdrawing the bid. The auctioneer said that it was too late to w/draw the bid: Arthurs bid is an ordinary offer that can be revoked. When an envelope contins both a written contract and another paper, such other paper:
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