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Midterm examination for Speech 180 This exam will go over the main concepts of speaking, history, listening, outlining, etc. that we’ve covered so far this semester. My first suggestion would be to take the exams on each chapter and go over them. Then go over the power points on each chapter to get the main points down. Overall 1 . Rhetorical Triangle 2. Sophists 3. Difference between Connotative and Denotative language 4. Speech designs 5. Research strategies 6. Proper outline format 7. How to listen properly Be aware that much of this exam is to see if you can practically implement the material. So, while knowing the material is good, and necessary, you’ll need to show how to practically put this material into effect.
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Unformatted text preview: For example: (from last semester’s exam) You are a 26 year old college graduate with a degree in your chosen field. The request has been made that you lecture a field of experts, also in your field, that have been actively working for the last 30 years. However, your latest research, part of your Masters Thesis, has some new information that could revolutionize the work industry that you desire to be a part of. The problem is that many doubt your work and call you not only an intellectual snob but a kid who isn’t even wet behind the ears. How do you establish ethos with such an audience before they turn you off and begin talking to each other?...
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