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Richard Cummings, III Dr. Sauls December 2 nd , 2007 Business Law John McCain and Hilary Clinton The first candidate I will be discussing is too many considered to be on of the favorites in the election, Senator John McCain. He represents the Republican Party in the upcoming election. Many believe his greatest attribute is his honesty and integrity. Also, he is a Vietnam War veteran and he has carried some of the ideas and beliefs from his time in the military with him in his life. One of the most discussed issues that is always talked about is the issue of abortion. He said that “Abortion issues show what kind of country we are and are concerned if women undergo illegal dangerous operations.” That shows not only his care for women and their protection, but he also isn’t only in the race just to gain political power or gain wealth, he’s in it because he cares. The only case where he would say abortion potentially being okay is if rape was involved, then he said abortion could be implemented, but if it wasn’t rape then abortion shouldn’t be allowed. On the legal side of the issue he says that the abortion doctors should be prosecuted instead of
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Presidential Candidates Papers - Richard Cummings, III Dr....

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