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Shark Extra Credit - to say they were defending them or...

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Richard Cummings, III Marine Science Extra Credit “Miss” Wolfe December 12, 2007 Sharks Last night, I watched a show that had to do with sharks. It was a thirty-five minute segment on sharks and everything about them. The channel which it was on is National Geographic on demand (actually a really channel, and I would recommend it to anyone, you can at any time one would like, access a lot of the shows made available by National Geographic. The show begins the segment by giving a little bit of information about the shark as well as some of the “common myths” about sharks. It also goes into depth about one of its most striking features, its caudal fin. That is what the shark uses mostly for lift, which counteracts the force of gravity in water. It also tells that one of the most recognizable and of course dangerous sharks is the Great White Shark. I don’t want
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Unformatted text preview: to say they were defending them or when they attack people, but the show went on to say about that sharks normally just attack when they are provoked or confuse humans with food. They also say that shark attacks are actually very rare and they don’t happen near as many times as people perceive them to. It gives testimonies from people who have gotten attacked by sharks and the people who tried to save them. One man goes into detail and says that as he was swimming out to help this one girl, that he saw the un-mistakable fin in a perfect triangle shape. I did like the show and I found it very interesting. While I did like it, I would rather them talk more about different kinds of sharks (hammerhead, tiger, etc.)rather than just focus on certain kinds and give accounts from what people think about them as well as recognizing them....
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Shark Extra Credit - to say they were defending them or...

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