miniexam1(26) - History 1026 Mini-Exam I (February 1, 2008)...

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NAME: Mini-Exam I (February 1, 2008) Total = 40 Points Multiple Choice (Each is worth 1 point) 1) Which of the following statements best describes the situation and status of religion in Europe before 1500? a. Very few Europeans subscribed to any kind of religious belief. b. Intense conflicts erupted repeatedly between the Catholic and Protestant Churches. c. Europe was a region of multiple religious faiths that all coexisted peacefully. d. None of the above 2) Which of the following was a key political feature of Europe before 1500? a. The rapidly declining power of the “absolute” monarchs of the late medieval era. b. The emergence of democratic societies all across the continent. c. The struggle between the Church and secular rulers for ultimate political authority in Europe. d. Both b and c 3) Which of the following were important cultural sources of European civilization? a. Ancient Greece b. Ancient Rome c. Neither a nor b d. Both a and b 4) Which of the following best describes the political situation in Europe between 1500 and 1648? a. Europe was politically fragmented and often embroiled in warfare b. A single governing structure emerged during this time that insured peace and stability throughout Europe c. Although Europe was politically fragmented, conflict was rare and usually short- lived d. None of the above 5) Which of the following were political consequences of the Treaty of Westphalia (1648)? a. Protestants were forbidden to worship throughout Europe. b. A “state system,” in which independent, sovereign states are the primary political actors, was acknowledged to exist in Europe. c. The rulers of states were allowed to choose the religion of their countries, but only if they received the permission of the Pope first. d.
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miniexam1(26) - History 1026 Mini-Exam I (February 1, 2008)...

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