Mini Exam 2 - HIST 1026 Mini-exam 2 Total=40 points NAME...

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HIST 1026 NAME: Mini-exam 2 February 15, 2008 Total=40 points Part I: Each question is worth one point (Total = 20 points) 1. Which of the following statements best describes the key difference between the growth of the Russian Empire from the 16 th to the 18 th centuries and the development of other European empires in the same time period? a. Unlike other European empires, the Russian Empire grew primarily by establishing overseas colonies b. The Russian Empire was a land-based empire; other European countries established sea-based maritime empires . c. Neither a nor b since Russia never truly established an empire. d. Both a and b 2. During the period of European expansion in the 16 th and 17 th centuries, Europeans established political control over which of the following regions? a. China b. the Philippine islands c. South America d. Both b and c 3. What was the “Columbian Exchange”? a. The Columbian Exchange was a South American stock market that suffered a major “crash” in the 17 th century. b. The Columbian Exchange refers to the treaty Christopher Columbus negotiated with Native Americans in which land was exchanged for money. c. The Columbian exchange refers to the large-scale movements of humans and other biological organisms around the world that began after 1492. d. Both b and c 4. When Europeans began to colonize the Americas, they encountered which of the following problems? a. A total absence of any resources that could justify the expense of conquering the Americas. b. An inadequate supply of dependable and cheap labor . c. Fierce resistance from Native Americans that ultimately convinced most Europeans to abandon their efforts to settle the Americas. d. None of the above
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5. What were the consequences of the African slave trade for the inhabitants of Africa during the 16 th and 17 th centuries? a. An economic boom as European investors poured money into developing infrastructure. b. The settlement of large numbers of Europeans throughout the African continent c. An end to the overpopulation crisis that had threatened the African environment d. Depopulation and disruption of African societies 6. Which of the following were negative consequences of the use of slavery for white society in the British North American colonies? a.
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Mini Exam 2 - HIST 1026 Mini-exam 2 Total=40 points NAME...

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