TORCH - PKU- phenylketonuria, genetic disorder...

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PKU- phenylketonuria, genetic disorder characterized by the body’s inability to use the essential amino acid (phenylalanine) -an example of an inborn error of metabolism, the body is unable to metabolize phenylalanine -although the condition is genetically determined, it doesn’t manifest itself until an infant consumes phenylalanine, that is why it is prenatal AND perinatal -PKU may be controlled by adherence to a strict diet -prevalent among Scandinavians -the TORCH group consists of infections that may pass the placental barrier and cause severe disabilities, because the infections come from outside the fetus- they are environmental causes of retardation -the TORCH group consists of these infections: -Toxoplasmosis is a single-cell organism that is contracted thru contact with cat feces or undercooked meat -it can be avoided with thorough hand washing and by eating only adequately cooked meat -Syphilis (“other”) is a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) -can be remedied with wide-spectrum antibiotics
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TORCH - PKU- phenylketonuria, genetic disorder...

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