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f4 - 4 a:5er diver drrrpn in free fall The form of air...

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Unformatted text preview: 4. a :5er diver drrrpn in free fall. The form of air maintain-era is promotional to [i.e. = a constantI A, times] her 1velocity. She ways to kg, and she steps out of the plane without jumping up or down. The gravitatitniai constant in Him {331:2 I Write down a difl'erential equation and an initial condition to describe her velocity as. a function of time. o Suppoee that her terminal i-flEltIt‘ityr [the Steady state aolutlon to the equation WI] mitten. What is a, the eoeflic'rent of air l‘tfiifitflflflfi of the parachute '1‘ .. heel-Ill Snppoae that ahejuinps up aa she 1mm the plane, gieing herself an initial velocity Skit or lmfaee. 1Will this change her terminal vehoity'i' it“?! I Suppoee that her III! k5 brother “see the same parachute [and therefore has the same eoeflieient of air ruotanoe], What will hie terminal velocity be? ...
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