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incomplete dominance - P goneraiion F1 goneratiofi...

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Unformatted text preview: P . goneraiion F1 goneratiofi Gamfiés: G'arnefe's F2 generation - Figure 10—18 Incomplete dominance in four o’clocks. If a pair of alleies I'_s- incompletely-dominant to each other, a- he-terozygote has a phenotype intermediate between its parents. Two incomplete-1y dominant 'aileies. R‘ and R2. are responsible for red. white. and pink flow-er colors. Red-— flowered pi'antsare RE"R‘: white—flowered plants are RERz. and heterozyg'o‘tes (R'RQ are pink. Note that uppercase notation is used {for both alleles‘ betause neither is racéssive“ to the-other. ...
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