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Gap junctions - .F_igura 5-24 Gap junctions These...

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Unformatted text preview: '-.F_igura 5-24 Gap junctions. These connections permit transfer of-smaii magenta;- .-and ions between adjacent cells. (a) A TEM of a- gap-junciti'dh {batman the siferS-J. {1:} Mod 9.! of a gap junction based 9h él'e'Ic-tro'n mletcfic-‘up'ié and x-‘r'ziy 'difffactibn data, THE. twf) rfiémbiaheS: c-ant-ai'n .cWin'd'ers-cdrfi'po'sgd.tJ'f .5132 'prme'in subunits, TWO} cylinders from afijjdsite mém'branes aria filmed in forma flare-abut}: 1.5 it} 2 ma in diameter -_"conna'cnng' t'.h'e_cv_tdplasn~ilc mm partment‘s: of-th'egtWQ tells. {c} Freezeifra'cture re-plipa of the P—fa‘te‘ of a gap.-.jun__ctit_)n _b',e'_twreen two nugrian cells o'fia mouse, showing- the mtmemgs protein particies present; {a} Model IlIustrating how az-gap junction pore. might men-and close. (g, DM'. Fawcett; c, E‘ And-arson, J. Morphol. 563394366, 1978) ...
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