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arachnida - Figure 29-17 Subphylum Chelicerata(a The only...

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Unformatted text preview: - Figure 29-17 Subphylum Chelicerata. (a) The only living m'erc'stbm'e-s' are a few closely related species .af herseshoe crabs. Season-ally. horseshoe crabs (Limuiu's poiyphemus) return to beaches for mating. In this- photograph, males are competing for a female. {b} A female black widow spider (Larmdecms mactans) rests on her web. The venom of the black widow spider is a neurotoxin. (c) Calm—enhanced SEM ofa h-ouse‘du'st mite (Deh‘natephagafdeie 51).). a common inhabitant of homes. This mite has been" Implicated in house-dust-:a.l|erg.ie-s. _ - . (a, Milton H. Heme” Jig/Visuals Unlimited; b.51eve .1.'i.Mfl$i0W$ki/ViS-Hfli5 Unlimited; 5, K. H. Kj'ei‘dsenXScience Dhnfn Iifirnrv/Phni‘n ”Interim—hart Mr } ...
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