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Anthro 124A Week 2 Friday

Anthro 124A Week 2 Friday - Terminal investment theory More...

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Anthro 124A Week 2 Friday 1/17/14 Life History Theory Life History Theory Why do humans seem so strange compared to other species? Principle of allocation Facultative adjustment This could be btw groups Life history events Age at the menarche Age at first birth Where does energy go? The cost of reproduction Trade off #1: current vs Future Current vs future Age at first birth
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Unformatted text preview: Terminal investment theory More likely to have twins the older you are Reproductive value Look at graph Number and fitness of offspring Trade-off #2: Quality vs Quantity For example: in US having 2 kids is average o In tribes it is 4 to 5 kids Sex or children Trade-off #3: mating vs parenting Life history trade-offs...
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