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trans3 - 3 Fish in a continuous flow system are diagnosed...

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Unformatted text preview: 3) Fish in a continuous flow system are diagnosed with a certain type of bacterial gill infection. You have decided to use Fish-cycline (tetracycline for fish), which exerts bactericidal action on gram—positive and some gram-negative bacteria. You have decided to add liquid antibiotic to the influent water as a centinuous input. However, the fish tank has a bio-filter that depletes the antibiotic concentration (Fish-cycline) in the tank water. Fish also metabolize the antibiotic. The combined antibiotic concentration depletibn both from biofilter and metabolic activity in the fish body can be mathematically quantified as a first order reaction with a rate constant of _ 0.12/ day. The volume of the tank (fish system) is 1000 gallons. The freshwater input to the tank ile gallons per hour (20 points) . A 4 tibiotic Freshwater 3.73" 5' Z ’- / j‘v/ a) write the 6 ste s needed for settin u the MBE and solve for antibiotic concentration at an time "t". Show problem specific details in the 6 steps (such as component: ....., reaction: ....) Assume that the antibiotic is present in the tank water at time zero for your MBE. Assume “A” to be the antibiotic concentration (mg/L) in the tank at any given time “t”. Also assume that you are reading the influent antibiotic concentration just before it enters the fish tank (near the circle show on the influent line). Furthermore, as the flow from antibiotic dosage is very small, assume that the flow rate entering the tank is 10 gal/hour. If you make any other assumptions, please list the assumptions. You are required to develop the MBE. However, you need not solve the MBE here. t , Nerf}! ) A A m at 2 M61“ ”Us to“ (. ' 31-. 4i: ~ 0 to» 005“” A 4’ Xi H ~» Oct)? ‘ 2) L.firk‘j‘hr> : fink i [(300 .jfllg} ( l _ :r , f? k\‘- . i) fitafn} gib‘tVfid': BAA}? . ‘3 i {ii ’an M <9 A w _. d {A Mr ; ,J, 4, ’4, A , in“ a? ‘1 J {”49" , .pliagqagii ‘1) floti“; yeti 5- “M!” 2:44:94) it’ll/4‘}; a») ', ¥ .. ' Z i 3 7,41,,“ . {an feta w? 6": 5 im' i (A) I t _ ‘ qk, * 02,! ,. ( T3>(4’&‘r3 v ”7:: (Nb - w \ If § <-’>[A ?l( - N (_ < . :J/‘W /‘d—“Nflwgw :2:§ (A .u«_). [@081“ [99(1ng 4:1 ...
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