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Chem120E2%20%281%29 - Name Section 3 P4SW 18 formed from P4...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ' Section 3. P4SW' 18 formed from P4 and S8 . If we react 10. 0 g of P4 with 30. 0 g of 83 then what' is the theoretical yield of P4510? How many grlalfis of excess reactant remains after the H reaction is complete? - _ 4. One mole chums—cont mTfliter container connected by a closed door'to another can ainer of 3 liters. The door is opened and the gas rapidly fills the total volume. If temperature is constant throughout this process, what is the final pressure of the gas in the system expressed as a percentage of the intiai pressure before the door was 02% 5. The most probable kinetic energy of methane (CH4) at 300°K' ls 4.13 x 10 -21 J/molecuie. Calculate the most probable kinetic energy of carbon dioxide (C02) at 300°K. Assume ideal gas behavior. ...
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