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Hort100Quiz_4_1 - ‘5‘ HORT 100 Quiz No 4 — Name Adam...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘5‘. HORT 100 -- Quiz No. 4 -- February 22, 2008 —- Name Adam - Gel/m; Annoupcements: There is a wonderful site about Kudzu h ://www."anthon .com/kudzu/ l/ Answer appropriately (10 points) 7 7/ b 1. Where would you expect to find anthocyanins? a) floating in the cytoplas surrounding the chloroplast, c) pressing fimily against the cell [email protected] within the va 0 e) on the shiny part if a new car, i) none of these. b) more than one cotyledon, c) starch storage, (1) chromoplasts come from he , e) n rgy manufacture, f) a single cotyledon, g) a type of deciduous plant. a 3. ' ese cell types is dead at maturity? a) collenchymazm sclerenchyma, c) parencym are dead at maturity, e) none of these are dead at maturity. 62. Which of the following is most characteristic of mitochondria? a) [email protected] synthesis, a 4. er c ' 3 your initialifiytree, the tree develops wound tissue and usually heals. This wound tissue is properly call a) c llus, b) longitudinal section, c) buffalo wallow, d) plasmalemma, e) sclereid. . g i 5. This cartoon best represent. em, b) phloem, c) vascular cambium, d) phellogen, e) 75‘? ray parenchyma, t) plasmodesmata, g) ray romano ...
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