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ex2_pg9 - Page 9 of 12 8 continued Chem 212B Write the...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 9 of 12 8. continued Chem 212B Write the structural formula (or formulas) for the major organic product(s) in each of the following reactions. Be sure to include stereochemistry where appropriate. If there is no reaction, you must clearly indicate this by writing NR. 0 LAIH OH H H I f. MN“ .__,.._4 ”A H a H \ 1. CH3[ N 2. A920, H20 heat | A [m C} h-CN— 33-» MN/wn (va\6z.> NQ/L 3 P A heat +\ 0/ 0 ‘fi 1- \-.. /\p NH L \ l l” + CH5 N H; 2. CH3I t _ / /NH 3 H2NNH2,H+ b ...
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