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pex1_as7[1] - Page 6 of 12 Chem 212B 6(10 pts The rate of...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 6 of 12 Chem 212B 6. (10 pts) The rate of the nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions of the aromatic chlorine molecule I shown below with various nucleophiles Nu depends heavily upon what X is in the nucleophile. Predict the order of reactivity of the nucleophiles. Clearly rank the rate from fastest to slowest. Explain your reasoning with text and/or resonance structures. <2<> 63g <><><2<><><> OX glmfl’r. “5 Leflirr ane-Phll/J' VF ¥ ir a“ mq’hdm‘rlfi) wwwr male/numb M “1 51:3.“ .. u L ‘7 NHL N L. N __ \ f ‘ w - D I a, .4 l \- Kr \ X lc‘ p/Nw— H <10“ 1 ”5 fin 0196px. e" l‘finumc— 0 ‘3 leuolwce— wi‘l’halmhma ”Winds ({SMMU- ’ Math!" dmh‘m ...
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