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3 - 2 POINT QUESWNS Time— 00:43:30 7 You have coiiected...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 POINT QUESWNS Time— 00:43:30 7. You have coiiected data about the speed at which drivers travei in front of an eiernentary schooi. You want to piot the data graphicaity to share your findings at a PTA meeting. What quatity toot wouid be best suited for this? © 5. cause-and—effect diagram {trshbone} ® B. pareto chart © c_ histogram © D. scatter diagram (5 E. check sheet 8. You have recentiy discovered a quaiity probiern and want to identity possibie causes. which of the fotiowing quaitty tooEs wouid you use? Q) A. cause-and—ettect diagram (fishbone) (f) 3_ check sheet (E) c_ histogram © [)_ pareto chart 6) E. scatter diagram 9. l-iarhorview Medica! Center is an exampie of which service process type? 6) a. Service Store If) B. Service Factory ® c_ Service Compiex © D. Service Shop (D E. Mass Customization ll]. Tacticat decisions set direction for the entire company. They are broad in scope and tong-term in nature. False v 11. Measurirg yourseif against best in ciass companies to improve performance is known as: bendmarkhg 12. Order winners are competitive priorities that MUST be rnet for a company to compete in the rnarketpiace. False v 13. A pattern exists when data vaiues fluctuate around a constant mean. _JJ!— o lnteinet| Protected Mode: On a 100% ...
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