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Topic Papers: (10 pts.) Due: Friday, Sept. 7 th ! I would like for you to write a one-to-two page paper (2 pages max) discussing your findings on the subject of “Robotics” and/or “some new way technology is being used”. You need to find a two sources of information on your subject area. BE SURE and include the reference(s) of the article(s) (i.e. magazine title, page#, publication date, author, etc.) at the end of your paper. If you get your information from a webpage over to your reference list (i.e section #4 – see below) Guidelines for “Topic” Papers: 1. Topic papers must be typed. 2. Format for papers are left/right margins = 1” top/bottom margins = 1”, single space . Please make sure your name is at the top of the paper . 3. Your paper should consist of four parts. Check out the following link for what is probably the most “well known” Robot1:
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Unformatted text preview: To view the videos, you will need to have “Macro Media Flash Player” on your computer. It is “free”, and if you need it there is a link to download it at the bottom of the page! http://world.honda.com/HDTV/ASIMO/ Sorry… you can’t do your article on “Asimo” as I found that link! Your Name Topic Area CSC101, Section 899 Section 1: Introduction: Include topic of discussion and general overview. Section 2: Body of paper: In this section briefly discuss the main points of your research. It does not have to include every single detail, but should highlight the major points talked about. Section 3: Conclusion: In this section you should state your “thoughts” on the topic. What did you find interesting, how might it affect our lives, etc… Section 4: References :...
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