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English 101- - Michael Lam English 101 Professor Magie Summary Marius Ch.8 October 9 2006 Summary Marius Chapter 8 Good Diction Marius writes"Good

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Michael Lam English 101 Professor Magie Summary: Marius Ch.8 October 9, 2006 Summary: Marius Chapter 8 – Good Diction Marius writes “Good Diction” to tell readers how to use words correctly. Diction is how we write or speak. The benefits of good diction are helping intelligent readers understand a certain piece of work. The trick to good diction is finding the right word. It is a satisfying experience. Apparently, Marius would bring a dictionary to a desert island. Marius states several rules for good diction as provided below. First off, Marius teaches readers to use words effectively. By using words efficiently, thoughts or concepts are communicated simply and naturally. The effects are conveying words with grace and skill. Secondly, Marius advises readers to write traditional English. Writers must use acceptable language, although these rules have been more lenient. Reasons for this are due to modern culture such as radio, television, and movies. Despite vocal speech which strongly uses body language, facial expressions, and vocal tone, writing must be
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