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Participant Observation - Allie Oliver Period 3 Participant...

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Allie Oliver Period 3 Participant Observation Project On Sunday, November 11 th , starting at 9:30 A.M., I took part in a college visit of the campus of the University of Vermont located in Burlington, Vermont. The first part of the “college visit” is to walk up the white stairs into a huge chapel-looking building with a gold plaque above it that reads “Admissions Office.” Outside of this building were about three green shrubs and two small trees that were parallel to each other on opposite sides of a white concrete walkway. 99% of the people walking around outside of the building were between the ages of 18-22 and of these people about 62% were wearing similar shades of yellow and green with a leopard or some sort of large cat on it. This is contrary to inside of the chapel looking building where there was a much greater range of people. The inside of the building was draped in the colors of yellow and green. There was one white wall with a bookcase in front of it. Closer inspection showed the bookcase full of nothing but green and yellow booklets and papers with a header of “University of Vermont” on every single one. Two other walls were green and the remaining one was yellow. There were 20 chairs situated around the room as well as two large black leather couches facing each other with a table in the middle. Sitting in the chairs, as well as leaning against the walls were around fifty people, give or take one or two. The age range was from 16-19, and then a huge leap up to people aged 40-60. There was at least one or at max two older people to every younger person. If there was only one older person with the younger person, the older person was 85% female. If there were two parents with the one younger person, the older people were usually divided into one male and one female. In the room, there were two large concentrations of people diagonally situated across the room. In one corner, there was a large group of people standing one behind the other in front of a table that had a liquid in large canteens as well as a stack of Styrofoam cups. The liquid was black and steam came up from it. The people in this concentration were
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Participant Observation - Allie Oliver Period 3 Participant...

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