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Summer reading-1 - Determining Authors Author 1 I...

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Determining Authors Author 1 I identified the author of this passage as Charles Dickens. I achieved this through reading David Copperfield and comparing what I found as Dickens’s stylistic trademarks in both the passage and the novel. For example, the syntax and theme of the passage pointed me in Dickens’s direction. In the passage, the author uses figurative language about the fog akin to that used in David Copperfield concerning nature. Also, in the passage, Essex and the “Kentish heights” are also mentioned. David Copperfield takes place primarily in London, or at least England. Also, in passage number one, the author mentions that the fog was “cruelly pinching the toes and fingers of his shivering little ‘prentice boy on deck.” This apostrophe located in place of the “a” in apprentice is not a simple oversight but indeed purposefully placed in the sentence which happens to appear in Dickens’ writing in David Copperfield as well. Also in this quotation from passage one, it can be inferred that the fog is harshly, purposefully, “cruelly” pinching the extremities of the little boy. This is much like Dickens’ writing in that he often addresses social issues in favor of the lower/middle classes. Obviously since this little boy is being “cruelly pinched” and has to be outside, not in a nice cabin like the skipper, he is underprivileged. Due to the similar language, themes, and linguistics that I see in both the
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Summer reading-1 - Determining Authors Author 1 I...

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