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creative brief - Carter Weston Christina Ceisal KRAFT...

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Carter, Weston Christina Ceisal KRAFT MACARONI & CHEESE Client: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 1. Who is our target? School age children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, and the elderly who happen to enjoy cute animals, smiling or humor. Anyone who enjoys their macaroni with a large amount of cheese, which applies to a large amount of people. 2. Where are we now in the mind of this person? Macaroni is often times considered to be a favorite food for children and teenagers. Young adults just starting out on their own and parents enjoy macaroni for its affordability and how easy it is to create. Former parents often become sick of it after they have raised their kids and find they don’t really have a reason to buy it as often since their children are grown, unless they really enjoy macaroni. 3. Where is our competition in the mind of this person? For the target, affordability and quality are the two major factors when deciding to make a purchase between two products. There are many ‘off brands’ of macaroni that may be a
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