America and the world essay... immigrant contribution to america

America and the world essay... immigrant contribution to america

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Mustafa Mona Mustafa Professor Mullan America and the World/ Fall2007 10/11/07 The Impact of Immigration and America’s Superpower Status On a small Island in the New York Harbor stands one of the most significant gifts ever given, The Statue of Liberty, an iconic gift from the people of France to the people of America. Lady Liberty stands tall for the entire world to see, cloaked in robes of green with a torch held high in her hands. She has lit the way for millions of immigrants attracted by the American ideals of freedom and prosperity. She has become a national symbol of a “nation of immigrants” in the world’s superpower, America. From the beginning of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Immigrants from all corners of the globe have made their way to the United States to create new and better lives for themselves and their families. This immigration continued throughout the nineteenth century and has had great impact on American society. It has also had a hand in elevating America to its current superpower status. According to Lyman Miller, "The basic components of superpower stature may be measured along four axes of power: military, economic, political, and cultural”. Immigrants have contributed greatly to every one of these sectors; their contributions have been the key ingredients that make America the powerful nation it is today. They have laid the foundations of America’s industrial economy and its advancement, they have enhanced its culture and politics, they have changed it demographically, and they have added a unique diversity of backgrounds that all make America the superpower nation it is today. According to Sociology Professor Charles Hirschman, from the University of Washington, “Almost 60 million people-more than one fifth of the total population of the United States are immigrants or the children of immigrants”(Hirschman 2006). This shows the impact immigration had on the United States demographically in the way that it populated a 1
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Mustafa nation and is responsible for most of America’s modern population. Most of the immigrants who arrived since the founding of America migrated during two epochs of migration in American History. The first, known as The Age of Mass Migration, lasted from 1880 to1924. This epoch brought with it an influx of Southern and Eastern European Immigrants. The second epoch, The Post 1965 Wave of Immigration, brought immigrants mainly from Asia and Latin America. Each one of these eras added twenty-five million new comers to America, most of whom came to live and work in the nations urban cities. From the 1880s until the 1920s America began to develop an effective Industrial
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America and the world essay... immigrant contribution to america

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