Historical Interpretation #1

Historical Interpretation #1 - Lauren Penfold HS250 2/11/08...

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Lauren Penfold HS250 2/11/08 Historical Interpretation Different freedoms in America have always found a source of conflict or tensions between people. Johnson and Zinn both show very different viewpoints of the American history. Very conflicting ideas, where Johnson openly talks about profits and middle to upper classes benefiting greatly and living in luxury, and Zinn focuses on the lower class who get poor wages, earning barely enough to support their families, and often go on strike in spite of how they are treated. There is a very obvious tension between the classes, and between workers and employers. Is the rapidly blooming economy and riches of the upper class that Johnson speaks of worth the struggle and hardships that Zinn portrays the under class to be going through? America was rapidly becoming wealthier and wealthier. Where farming became the one of the largest sources to find work and make good money. Especially after new machinery was invented. “The value of agricultural machinery employed more than doubled in the generation 1860-90, then multiplied five times in 1890-1930, from half a billion dollars to $2.5 billion, with resulting productivity increases over 400 percent” (Johnson 530). By having this new machinery, farmers were able to produce more high
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Historical Interpretation #1 - Lauren Penfold HS250 2/11/08...

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