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merchant of venice notes - o Act 1, scene i o Antonio He...

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o Act 1, scene i o Antonio He tells solanio that is not the reason he is depressed and sad Not depressed about love either Solario’s “worth is very dear in my regaurd” line 62 He tells Gratiano that everyone lives their lives on a play and his life is a sad part He asks Bassanio if he thinks Gratiano is right He asks Bassanio about the girl he is taking a special trip for He says that he will help Bassanio as long as its honorable in any way he can Antonio doesn’t like that Bassanio is questioning their friendship and says that he will do anything, he just needs to ask him He doesn’t have the cash now but he is going to go get loans and money where ever someone is willing to give it to him and use that to help Bassanio get to the girl o Salarino & Salanio They tell Antonio that they understands if he is worried about his ships and business ventures in other countries When Antonio tells them no its not that, Solanio guesses love, but its not that either They leave when Antoinio’s cousin and noble friends show up (Bassanio, Lorenzo and gratiano o Bassanio Wants to hang out with Slarino and Salanio Tells Antonio that no, Gratiano is a fool basically and doesn’t know what he is saying He tells Antoino that he has been living beyond his needs and that he wants to get out of debt the right legal way He basically says that if Antonio helps him this last time that he can get back all that he owes him He tells Antonio there is a rich girl who he thinks likes him and he needs Antonio’s help so he can try to win her over all her other suitors o Lorenzo Lorenzo says he will see them at dinner and leaves o Gratiano Notices Antonio’s distress
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merchant of venice notes - o Act 1, scene i o Antonio He...

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