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Comm 101 media paper - Beth Leabru Final Draft Striving for...

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Beth Leabru Final Draft Striving for Success in Our Dynamic Society Through time each succeeding generation grows up with the convenience of new and advancing technology. Development of new technology has brought about inventions such as the telephone, radio, cellular phone and the internet. However, none of these have been as influential as the development of the television. Owning a television became a household norm in the 1930s and the market has exploded ever since. We have grown up in the Age of Television and in that age, television has grown in itself; both in size and substance. Neil Postman wrote Entertaining Ourselves to Death , and in this book he argues that “the content of politics, religion, education, and anything else that comprises public business must change and be recast in terms that are most suitable to television,” due to the constantly changing role of television in society (Postman 8). Postman’s argument correctly diagnoses our modern society as “a people on the verge of amusing ourselves to death” (Postman 4). Our infatuation with entertainment has increased over the years and it is only getting worse. We are a growing up in a generation unlike those preceding us, this is the Age of Television and technological advancement is at its peak. The role of the television has far surpassed the original scope it was intended and adaptations are necessary for the new type of media it is broadcasting for our modern society. When first developed, television was severely limited; only channels 2-13 existed, there was not 24 hour programming and the majority of the shows were focused towards an adult demographic. This is a strict contrast to the thousands of channel possibilities and competing dish and cable television markets of today. The competition to get and 1
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stay on top is a major factor in today’s society and television takes advantage of America’s obsession with being the best. Not only do different channels compete to be the best, but the programs themselves promote competition as well. Every program has the potential to create a celebrity and these people are looked to for setting the trend for viewers to follow. Casting beautiful people to play the roles on hit television shows set high standards for the public to work towards.
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