10-31-07 - GOV 310L Parties in decline? Sources of the...

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GOV 310L 31/10/2007 11:03:00 Parties in decline? Sources of the two-party system Party organizations Party-in-the-electorate Party-in-government single-member, simple plurality system: (first-past-the-post system) electoral system in which the state is divided up into geographic districts, and  the candidates who win the most votes within their district are elected o they don’t have to win the majority just more than any other candidate proportional representation electoral system in which parties receive a share of seats in the legislature  that is proportional to the popular vote they received o voters choose a party and the numerb of seats in proportional to the  number of voted they receive dems—35%      seats—1     seats (PR)—7 repub—30%      seats—0     seats (PR)—6  green—20%      seats—0     seats (PR)—4 reform—15%     seats—0     seats (PR)—3 Institutional barriets to 3 rd  parties direct primary o makes parties more permeable o insurgents work through existing system ballot access laws and other regulations o bans on “cross-filing” or “fusion” tickets where 2 smaller parties team-up and endorse a single candidate  to try and win
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10-31-07 - GOV 310L Parties in decline? Sources of the...

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