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creation vs evolution - Copple 1 Travis Copple Dustin...

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Copple 1 Travis Copple Dustin Crowley English 102 March 14, 2007 Evolution vs Creation In a letter written by Dr. Wilbur Dunning, professor of chemistry he wrote: “If man is not the cause of the phenomena he observes, wherein is the cause?”(Zimmerman 102). The biggest mystery in our world today lies behind the question of where did life begin. How did the world as we know it come into existence? Scientists all over have been trying to answer this question as far back as 700 B.C. Since that time, two theories have come about. One theory holds the belief that one organism sparked the development of more organisms and our world evolved into what it is today. The other theory says that our world was created by a higher intelligence. In other words, there was a creator. Each of these theories thrives on evidence. However, which theory is correct? Or will they both remain just theories? Humans and apes are said to be one in the same. At least, this is what evolutionists believe. The full complete theory of evolution was first put out by a French Physician and naturalist named Jean Baptiste de Monet de Lamarck. However, it was made popular by a man named Charles Darwin. Evolution is said to be the change in populations of organisms from generation to generation. Evolutionists believe that “…all life on earth started in a primordial soup, and that all the variation of life on earth arose through gradual evolution by way of mutation, adaptation, and survival of the fittest.” (Missler) Charles Darwin founded the evolutionary process of survival of the fittest, also
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Copple 2 known as natural selection. When offspring are born, genes are passed down from the
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creation vs evolution - Copple 1 Travis Copple Dustin...

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