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C++ Quiz 5 Bronson 2e Sp08r True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. 1. C++’s for statement is virtually interchangeable with its while statement. 2. Two useful statements in connection with repetition statements are the break and go statements. 3. The real power of a program is realized when the same type of operation must be made over and over. 4. Interactively entering data within a loop is a general technique that is applicable to for loops. 5. In C++, continue produces the same action for both while and for statements. 6. Combining interactive data entry with the repetition capabilities of the while statement produces very adaptable and powerful programs. 7. A do while loop continues iterations through the loop while the condition is true and exits the loop when the condition is false. 8. In a variable-condition loop the tested condition does not depend on a count being reached, but rather on a variable that can change interactively with each pass through the loop. 9. The construction for ( ; count <= 20 ; ) is invalid.
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