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Journal 1 (1) - of hundreds of innocent Vietnamese...

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Journal 1 The My Lai Massacre was one of, if not the, most embarrassing times to be an American. The organization of the US Army was sent to Vietnam to protect the Vietnamese and democracy. The soldiers were playing their role ; taking orders and following them to the best of their ability. Unfortunately the soldiers were not all clear as to what the orders were. To have the soldiers enter into the city of Son My without completely knowing the mission was a disastrous mistake. The fact that the soldiers were supposed to expect the Viet Cong to be everywhere does not excuse anything. They opened fire on a group
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Unformatted text preview: of hundreds of innocent Vietnamese civilians. I can only imagine what the soldiers let alone Capt. Medina thought when they only found three firearms. Over 500 people were killed and to only find three firearms, what can you say at that point; that it was a mistake? This should have taken more planning and preparing. There are no excuses for a massacre of the innocent, especially when you are there claiming that you are protecting those very people. If nothing else, this should have served as a point in which to evacuate troops out, and bring them back home....
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