BIO 129 Lab 2

BIO 129 Lab 2 - Food and Drug Administration...

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Food and Drug Administration Investigational New Drug Application “Chocomycin” Giovanni Ravalli November 2, 2006
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Project Description / Introduction We, the corporation of Carroskin, would like to introduce a new investigational drug we like to call Chocomycin. Originally, it was thought of as a joke that chocomycin, which has been extracted from pure cocoa beans, had antibacterial activities but you will see in this report that it is anything but a joke. The discovery of chocomycin is fairly recent, in fact, it was only discovered one year ago when hundreds of students in University at Buffalo became ill from what was believed to be a systematic bacterial infection. It so happened that the ones who drank hot chocolate did not contract this infection. As a result of this observation we conducted studies on chocolate to find if there are antibiotic activities. Of the many different compounds found in chocolate we found that chocomycin is the most promising for antibiotic activities. Description of Our Facilities
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BIO 129 Lab 2 - Food and Drug Administration...

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