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folk mus - a paper without singing He typically plays in a...

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Patrick Flynn Experiencing Music Folk-Art Popular Assignment 1.) The group I chose was Matchbox Twenty and their website is Matchboxtwenty.com - The reason this is popular music is because it is made to appeal to a mass audience, the content in it is meant to relate to more people and it is usually played on a radio or television or some other type of recreational device. 2.) I chose Danny Elfman, he is a composer and he also wrote the theme song for the simpsons. His website is called www.serenadaschizophrana.com - Because he played classical music and does so by reading the notes on
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Unformatted text preview: a paper without singing. He typically plays in a more formal environment, and he mainly plays classic instruments. 3.) I picked James E. Mumford. He is a reknown ethnomusicologist from the University of Indiana. While he does not have his own personal web page, he received his education from the Music school at The University of Indiana. I am pretty certain he is researching something with African American music and culture but I am unsure and I know he has retired from teaching as of the conclusion of the 2006 school year....
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