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January 23 - nosed kids and demand attention Teaching is...

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Brent Mansingh Mrs. Beckers EDCI 2001 Sec 002 That Movie Thing The movie we watched on Tuesday boggled my brain all day until Wednesday night. I still don’t understand how school boards and those people in charge can sleep soundly knowing that they are putting people behind the blackboard without any true teaching experience. It’s like drinking and driving, sometime you don’t get caught. Sometimes you do and you have to pay for the consequences; and other times, you hit oncoming traffic and kill a bus load of students. Well, you get the idea. This methodology is absurd. If a person failed at their past profession what on Earth makes them think they can walk into a classroom full of snot
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Unformatted text preview: nosed kids and demand attention. Teaching is much more than just having a pool of information. It’s being able to convey that message that is challenging. It’s being able to work with the students when they don’t want to work or to get them past a very difficult road block. A 6 week crash course is not satisfactory. Would you allow a surgeon to operate on you if he said, oh yeah I just got the crash course 5 weeks ago, I skipped the last week because I figured anyone could do it. These are the lives of the future. Don’t compromise them, for a quick fix because if you fail in the present, the future is doomed. The End....
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