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nikkis corporal punishment

nikkis corporal punishment - punishment Children were not...

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Nicole Gustafson Dr. Beckers February 26, 2008 Attendance Does Corporal Punishment Have a Place in the Schools? I do not feel corporal punishment has a place in the schools because it is not an effective method, and the punishment can easily get out of hand. I went to a private school for ten years that punished kids who misbehaved by spanking them with a paddle or by making them do “the chair.” The chair was when a child squatted and put their back against the wall and had to stay in that position for at least ten minutes. Although it strengthened the quadriceps of the children, it was a primitive form of
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Unformatted text preview: punishment. Children were not afraid of getting paddled or doing the chair because it got them out of class for a little while. I can easily see how paddling misbehaving children can get out of hand. Parents should never trust anyone to touch their kids, especially with physical force. If a disciplinarian is angry enough, I can imagine a child leaving the office with broken bones and bruising. Let’s face it, principles and teachers are not always great people. Do you really want some creepy teacher’s bare hands spanking your child’s bare bottom?...
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